Open Carry: US Gun Laws Loosen Up

The first gun ever “fired” at a US movie audience was in 1903, in a 10-minute silent film called The Great Train Robbery. In the film’s final shot, a robber points his revolver directly at the audience and fires twice. Many audience members shrieked or jumped for cover. It was a watershed moment in US history: … Read more

Murder Most Foul…Or Most Rare? Crime & Worry

Fear of crime: it’s on the rise. But violent crime is dropping. Why the disconnect? We should feel safer. The FBI has been reporting reductions in violent crime for several years. The rate—which covers murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and assault—has dropped steadily, from 469 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2005 to 454.5 in 2008. But if anything, we feel less safe. According to … Read more

Behind the Numbers: Crime in Vernon, CA

In Vernon, California the odds a person will be the victim of a reported violent crime in a year are 1 in 1.67 (60%). Those are exactly the same odds that a person 40 – 59 years old will drink any type of coffee in a day. Given the popularity of Starbuck’s and Dunkin’ Donuts these days, … Read more

A Date With Violence

The world of dating is fraught with perils—from ill-conceived blind dates to the risk of rejection. But it’s not only egos that can get bruised. As if the psychological stress of dating weren’t enough, real violence happens all too often, and problems can start early. The odds a female high school student will be a … Read more

Racial Profiling

“Driving While Black” is a folksy term for racial profiling. But in many parts of the country it’s been replaced with “Driving While Hispanic.” The odds a Hispanic adult believes the use of racial profiling by traffic patrol is widespread are 1 in 1.59 (63%), very close to the odds a black adult shares that belief—1 in … Read more

Cruise Ship Crime

Taking a cruise conjures up images of moonlit romance and high adventure—far from the worry of daily life. Yet cruise ships are no strangers to crime. In fact, executives of the cruise industry told Congress that of the 26 million cruise ship passengers from 2003 to 2005, 178 in North America reported sexual assaults. In addition, … Read more