Aliens in Disguise: 1 in 5 Say it Came from Outer Space

We already know that 1 in 2.94 American adults believe in UFOs. Now there is a Reuters News poll revealing that 1 in 5 people worldwide believe we do indeed live in a kind of Men in Black world: namely that “aliens walk among us disguised as humans.” Before you laugh off this finding, take into consideration that this was no small … Read more

Is the Truth About UFOs Out There?

In the 1990s, the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life was a major cultural preoccupation. From X-Files to Independence Day, aliens were in the air. They may have been replaced by vampires on the screen, but belief in alien encounters hasn’t gone away. Recently the famous Google logo mysteriously morphed into a crop circle, a circular spacecraft … Read more

Cryogenic Freezing: Can Science Bring You Back to Life?

Death may free you from the burden of life’s many decisions—as Sophocles put it, “For the dead, there are no more toils,” but shedding your mortal coil involves a host of pre-mortem considerations such as what do with that coil once you have shed it. Fortunately, there are a number of options for corporeal management. While most … Read more