Where the Boys Aren’t: Women Outnumber Men on US Campuses

It’s become a familiar scene on campuses around the country: a crowd of college women loitering on the green, with hardly a man in sight. But these aren’t women’s colleges—they’re co-ed institutions, where women now so outnumber men that admissions officers are beginning to fret. Today, females make up about 57% of undergraduates, an enormous … Read more

It’s In His Kiss, Oh Yes! That’s Where It Is

The kiss is one of the most intimate forms of human expression, and there are myriad types. These include the affectionate kiss that parents give to children, the reverential peck that Catholics bestow upon the ring of the Pope, the platonic kind used to greet friends, and, of course, the vigorous cheek-pinch-and-kiss combo practiced by … Read more

The Increasing Risk of Unintentional Poisoning

Unintentional poisoning is a cause of death with a quiet prevalence. The suspected role of unintentional poisoning in celebrity deaths has garnered headlines that span several decades, from Elvis Presley to Heath Ledger. What is less publicized is the effect unintentional poisoning has on the general population. Today, the odds an accidental death was caused … Read more

Murder Most Foul…Or Most Rare? Crime & Worry

Fear of crime: it’s on the rise. But violent crime is dropping. Why the disconnect? We should feel safer. The FBI has been reporting reductions in violent crime for several years. The rate—which covers murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and assault—has dropped steadily, from 469 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2005 to 454.5 in 2008. But if anything, we feel less safe. According to … Read more

Insomnia Statistics Enough to Keep You Awake at Night

“How did you sleep?” If you’ve had a rough night of tossing and turning, this seemingly innocuous question—often the first words you hear each day—can ring in the air like a cruel insult. Trouble sleeping is a common experience. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2009 Sleep in America™ poll, the odds an adult has difficulty falling asleep … Read more

Resolved: To Get More Sleep

We have Tiger Woods to thank for suggesting an off-label use of the prescription sleep aid Ambien®. Although there are plenty of people who would love their sex life to be more exciting (the odds a man would like his partner to be more adventurous in the bedroom are 1 in 2.08, and for a woman they’re 1 in … Read more

How Many Couples Sleep Apart?

Every evening we change out of our clothes, kiss each other good night…and head off to sleep in our separate quarters. That’s rarely the expectation most couples have when they say “I do,” or even “Let’s move in together!” Yet being estranged bedfellows is common to 23% of the population: According to the National Sleep … Read more