Ten Questions about Forty Winks: How do your Sleep Habits Compare?

1. My partner and I don’t sleep in the same room. Are we weird?

You’re not unusual. The odds a married or cohabiting adult sleeps alone to ensure both partners get a good night’s sleep are 1 in 4.35.

2. Do more men sleep in their underwear, or in the nude?

Neither. The odds a man sleeps nude are 1 in 3.23—the exact same odds he sleeps in his boxers or briefs, also 1 in 3.23.

3. How about women?

Not so many women sleep in the nude—only 1 in 7.14. Most ( 1 in 1.82, or 55%) sleep in a nightgown or pajamas.

4. I have trouble falling asleep. How common is this problem?

1 in 3.85 women have difficulty falling asleep at least a few nights a week, compared to 1 in 5.88 men. 1 in 6.25 adults have difficulty falling asleep every night or almost every night.

5. What are the most common remedies for insomnia?

1 in 9.09 adults has a nightcap (an alcoholic drink) at least a few nights a month, though doctors tend not to recommend this method. 1 in 11.11 take an over-the-counter sleep aid, while 1 in 14.29 take prescription sleep meds.

6. I once fell asleep at the wheel and nearly caused an accident. How common is this?

Scary common. The odds a driver 18 or older has ever nodded off or fallen asleep while driving are 1 in 2.78.

7. I sleep a lot—usually 9 hours a night. Am I just lazy?

The odds an adult sleeps 9 or more hours on an average night are 1 in 11.49. That’s 8.7% of us, so if sleeping that “extra hour” is the definition of laziness, there are millions of lazy people out there.

8. My dreams sometimes come true. Am I psychic?

We’re not sure, because, well, we’re not psychic. But a lot of people believe in the revelatory power of dreams. More than half of adults ( 1 in 1.92, or 52%) agree that “dreams can sometimes foretell the future or reveal hidden truths.” And you’re not unusual; the odds an adult reports having had a dream that later came true are 1 in 2.33.

9. I go to sleep with the TV on. Is that so wrong?

No value judgments here. But the odds an adult watches TV within an hour of going to bed at least a few nights a week are 1 in 1.15, according to the National Sleep Foundation. That’s 87% of us.

10. Only 87%? Are the other 13% just lying?

Not necessarily. People do other things before bed besides watch TV. Some listen to the radio or music, some go on the Internet—some have even been known to have sex.

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