Weight and Wages: A Woman’s Dilemma

Around the turn of the twentieth century, the clear soprano voice of performer and porcelain-skinned American beauty Lillian Russell graced New York City stages. Her musical talents gained her fame, and the New York Times boasted the recipes for her “strawberry-and-cream complexion.” This beauty literally bulged from diamond-studded corsets—she was nearly 200 pounds at the height of her career. … Read more

The Odds of Changing Jobs

Millions of people are currently scouring want ads and the Internet, looking for new employment opportunities. Some are out of work, some are worried a pink slip is on its way, and some are just plain dissatisfied with the job they have now. The days of getting a job straight out of school and sticking … Read more

Gender Discrimination Persists in the Workplace

Women may outnumber men in the workforce and on US campuses, but gender discrimination hangs on stubbornly in the workplace. The oft-quoted statistic that women earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man can be debated, as various complicating factors do enter the picture (such as education, experience, and choice of profession). But taking all … Read more

Behind the Numbers: Women and the Pulitzer Prize

2010 has turned out to be a pretty good year for women and Pulitzer Prizes. Of the named winners in the Journalism categories, half are women. In addition, Rae Armantrout received the Pulitzer in Poetry, and Jennifer Higdon was a rare female winner in the Music category. However, the other five “Letters, Drama and Music” … Read more