It may not be just the weather that causes “Christmas coronaries” and “Happy New Year heart attacks.” The odds a death that happens in a given year will happen in January are 1 in 10.89, higher than any other month. Summer is safer even where winter is warm. “All morticians take their vacations in August,” says Jerry … Read more

The Recession’s Domestic Toll

The situation looks bad from the outside: Record foreclosure rates, a national unemployment rate hovering around 10%, and the average length of joblessness at its highest level since 1948. But inside, behind closed doors, many American families face a more private destructive force: 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically abused by an intimate … Read more

Organ Donation: The Ultimate Gift from the 1960s

The ’60s gave us sex, drugs, rock & roll, and one giant leap for mankind, but the decade left us another legacy that may prove more important—organ donation. Throughout the 1960s, the medical field was taking its own “small steps,” removing the first kidneys, hearts, lungs, and livers from cadavers and implanting them into patients whose … Read more

Behind the Numbers: Death by Cow

Which is deadlier: a cow or a triathlon? From 2003 to 2007, the US Department of Labor recorded an average of 21.6 cattle-related deaths per year, for a total of 108. Compare that to an average of 5.1 deaths per year caused by triathlons, or 14 deaths in 2.75 years. Getting within kicking range of … Read more

Strange ways to die

Will your death make the headlines? Only if you were highly successful in life—or if you’re singled out for the oddity of your demise. Your odds of dying from a rat bite (likely due to a resulting case of rat bite fever) are 1 in 299,400,000. Just one person in the US died this way in 2006. … Read more

The likelihood of animal domestication reversing to wild behavior

What is the Definition of Animal Domestication? The definition of animal domestication is the process of taming an animal to live and work with humans in an agricultural setting. This process is typically a two-way relationship, involving a mutual exchange of benefits for both the animal and the humans. Domestic animals are generally characterized by … Read more

Examining the probability of successful animal conservation through ecotourism

What is Ecotourism and How Does it Impact Animal Conservation? Ecotourism is a form of tourism that focuses on animal conservation and the preservation of natural areas. It has been seen as a viable option for preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species, but there are many factors that must be taken into account to determine … Read more

Understanding the odds of successful animal conservation efforts

How much of a role does animal conservation play in protecting endangered species? Animal conservation plays a critical role in protecting endangered species from becoming extinct. A variety of conservation efforts are needed in order to ensure the survival of these animals, from habitat preservation to the implementation of sustainable farming practices. Wildlife conservation is … Read more

Examining the probability of successful animal population management

What Types of Animal Populations Are Managed? Animal population management is an increasingly important field of study, as it can help maintain healthy ecosystems and protect endangered species. There are many different types of animal populations that can be managed, including wild, captive, and domestic animals. Wild animal populations are typically managed by wildlife management … Read more